I am getting ready to enroll in there 8 week course in anticipation of employment with them.

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5 Responses to “Does anyone know how much a Jackson Hewitt tax preparer can make during tax season?”

  1. tax.princess says:

    What they pay is going to depend on your location and whether it is a Corporate or Franchise office.
    I had to respond in order to dispute the answer about H&R Block. Yes, you can get comission based on how many returns you do, and how complex they are. However, there is NO incentive to do complex returns quickly. In fact, it is suggested that we take at least 45 minutes with ALL returns, to ensure we ahve given the best possible financial information and gotten all possible deductions. A more complex return is going to take longer. If you are working somewhere and you are encouraged to rush, talk to your DM or call the employee hotline, as this is NOT good service. The pay structure is changing nationwide so that this isn’t even a perceived issue.
    By the way, Block’s class is 11 weeks, starting pay is higher for us, and our class generally qualifies you to be a manager at JH, But I don’t want this to turn into a Block vs JH forum, so I’ll congratulate you, and say that if you have any questions and can’t get ahold of your instructor, feel free to come back here and e-mail me. I’ll be happy to help you out – it’s what I do.

  2. Sun Income Tax says:

    That depends on where you are located and if the office is Corporate owned or a Franchisee owned operation. Last season in El Paso, TX, which has 40+ locations that are all Corporate owned, JH paid beginning office managers 7.85 an hour and, I think that preparers made 7.35. The commission that they pay is minuscule. Back in 1990, when I worked for a Franchisee H & R Block, I made more than that and commission was actually very good. I do not know what they do now, though. Both were bad experiances, money wise, but the training was worth it.

  3. spicertax says:

    The other answer is not much more than minimum wages. Work for yourself and make about $100.00 per hour. But you need experience first. Consider them a low paid way to learn.

  4. Eddie C says:

    I was a tax preparer at H&R Block. The more returns you get done the more you get paid. You get a percentage of the charges…so it’s good to do complicated returns quickly.

  5. mathew says:

    Each Franchisee sets their own wage and commission scale. The money is never really good but the training and experience is invaluable. If you work there and start to build up clients on the side you can make pretty good money after a couple of years. Be real careful about mixing your private practice with the Franchisees practice. Most places have some type of non-compete clause so get your private clients away from the Franchise

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