H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt?

Who can get you more money back on your tax refund and who is cheaper H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt?

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10 Responses to “H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt?”

  1. grumpydramaqueen says:

    Here are the facts: Jackson Hewitt hires new people every year for Data Entry-no other experience required
    H&R Block employees are required to pass a Tax school before they are hired and require 24 to 30hrs of continuing education yearly and have lots of employees that have been there for many years. As far as the bank loans they both use the same bank for the loans. So if you are denied at one you will also be denied at the other, except HRB does have a guarantee that on the instant loan if you are not approved your preperation fees are FREE. What other company do you know of that if you go in and have something completed where if you are not satisfied for any reason can take your W-2’s and leave and owe nothing? As far as the online programs yes they walk you through step by step but you still have to have tax knowledge or you can be cheating yourself out of money. Fees are based off of the actual return and the forms prepared. There is not a flat rate fee and is not based off of the refund. Now make an informed decision that will result you in the best refund possible. And who will help you out when you are audited and pay the penalty and interest or the additional taxs if you have Peace of Mind.

  2. Lovely &..... says:

    Jackson Hewitt gets my vote.

  3. jseah114 says:

    You can make a blanket statement that one company can "guarantee" a larger refund than another. It really comes down to the actual person preparing the return and whether they are claiming all of the deductions and/or credits you are entitled to.

  4. tequilanikki says:

    i’ve always gone H&R block. when i think about how much money i spent letting them do it, i scratch my head. i always said well that’s money i would have blew off anyway. a friend told me about taxact.com. you do it yourself and it walks you through it and you won’t be out of pocket gads of money. good luck with your search

  5. Mel says:

    I did H&R block and I got nearly 3 grand back that I wasn’t expecting. I think that they are more expensive than Jackson Hewitt (I paid 240 for my prep @ H&R and had my check in 9 days) but I’m not really sure what their rates are.

  6. leopardskyn says:

    neither. they both charge too much. just go with turbotax @ http://www.turbotax.com where you can do it yourself WAY cheaper or for free.

  7. Sebastian Rothwyn says:


  8. Brandy B says:

    Jen, It depends on your income and your deductions. You can do your taxes yourself online and get the same amont back if not more through turbotax or taxact, They double check all your deductions for you and make sure you get the most out of your tax dollar. If you are low income you can access the irs website and they will send you via a link to turbotax and you can do your taxes for free and e-file for free. That way you have your refund direct deposited in as litte as 2 weeks. This is what I do every year. It works like a charm.

    Sincerly yours,


  9. Riannaa says:

    Use freefile…if you qualify

    IF you are trying to get a "rapid refund" you can do that online at :


    They charge alot less for Refund Anticipitation Loans

    H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt are scams, imo. They charge way too much money.

  10. markhenry123456 says:

    i am providing the cheaper H&R Block site, is given below………..

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