H&R block or Jackson Hewitt?

I was wondering who you prefer and why? I usually go with H&R block but recently been told by other people Jackson Hewitt is better. I don’t like filing myself. Thanks for your input.

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4 Responses to “H&R block or Jackson Hewitt?”

  1. Bob F says:

    There is no comparison between the training and experience levels at the two places. Even Block’s brand new first year preparers have at least 69 hours of training. Jackson Hewitt has been known to use Kelly Girls when they get busy. You might as well buy Turbo Tax and fake your way through it as have an untrained Kelly Girl enter the data for you.

  2. jake_deyo says:

    I have used both, I got the biggest rip off from Jackson Hewitt as well as very poor service. I prefer H&R when I am not doing the return myself.

  3. Wayne Z says:

    Block. Period. It’s not even close when just comparing those two.

    A couple of large JH franchises got a reputation of getting people larger refunds……because they were CHEATING.

    Now….thousands of JH customers have some major tax headaches and a lot of money that they have to pay back.

  4. Doctor Deth says:

    Neither – I use http://www.Taxslayer.com – only cost me 9.95 to file last year and the year before, got my refund in less than 2 weeks – all fill in the blanks online

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