I am thinking about starting up my own tax business this spring. In my brochure, I want to list my prices next to those charged by Jackson Hewitt and H&R Block. Does anyone know what they charge for a 1040ez, 1040 with Schedule A, Schedule C, etc? I would like to get a breakdown of prices per form, if possible. Or, if you are a tax preparer, what do you charge? I promise I won’t infringe on your clients :) Thanks!

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6 Responses to “What does Jackson Hewitt/H&R Block charge to do taxes?”

  1. Bob F says:

    There is no easy answer to that. The big three all charge by which forms are used and how much info goes onto each form. Each of them also vary depending on location – big city vs small town, and east/west coasts vs. midwest, etc.

    So if you want to price compare with them, you almost have to have the same return done at each place and see how they compare.

    Then of course don’t point out the differences like Block has offices open year around to help you in case you are audited and their guarantee protects you at that audit, etc. vs. the small one man shows like yours that will be closed when they get that scary letter from the IRS so they have nobody to help them.

  2. bostonianinmo says:

    My charges are based upon time.

  3. Wayne Z says:

    Fees for the national chains vary by location.

    All of the company owned locations in the same area would have the same fees but it can vary between metropolitan areas.

    Some Block and almost all JH offices are franchises and they pretty much set their own fees.

  4. Sharon T says:

    Don’t publish anyone’s rates but your own.

    Complexity is part of how many preparers set their fees while the two big firms you mentioned seem to charge by forms and lines.

    Certainly condition of records can be a factor. There is a huge difference in well organized records and the proverbial cardboard box.

    Study and pass the Enrolled Agent exam ASAP.

  5. starcarlton says:

    $70 to $100 for a basic tax form

  6. chatsplas@sbcglobal.net says:

    . . . . .as much as the traffic will bear. . . . .
    and it depends on the amount of competition. . . . .
    and on time of year. . . .how busy they are. . . .
    $59-79 for 1040EZ by Block and J-H

    professional tax preparers charge based on their time or the # of forms, pages prepared

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